Jones & Fischer's Story:

Let's face it: Mainstream country music is a big machine that doesn't stray far from its formula of committee driven, focus group developed artists all singing about the same things, in the same way. Darin Jones and Caleb Fischer are the namesakes and front men of the Pacific North West based duo: Jones & Fischer, and have managed to carve out their own piece of the pie by creating something truly unique in country music that has captured thousands of fans across the US and Canada. The two have blended their different styles and influences from each of their own hometowns; Seattle, Washington and San Antonio, Texas; and its made for a fiery new sound that is all their own in a sea of uniformity, with wave after wave of overly processed, lyrically cliche' and substance-less songs that currently emanate from the mainstream country genre. Jones & Fischer are going against the proverbial 'industry grain' by pursuing a career in country music while not living in Nashville, and not being signed to a major label or booking agency. They are completely independent, building their fan base like a band should: hitting the road and paying their dues one show at a time, playing the hell out of their own instruments, singing the songs they wrote themselves.

In just a few short years J & F have logged 100,000+ road miles, played over 400 concerts, released a self-produced independent album with three award winning music video's, been voted the #1 country band by NBC 'King 5's Best Of' for the last three years in a row, and have been hand picked to open up for artists like: Craig Morgan, Blackberry Smoke, Big N Rich, Trace Adkins, Parmalee, Kelsea Ballerini, A Thousand Horses, etc.

It's often said but seldom applied; when you want something bad enough, and you work hard enough, you will have the success you desire. Jones & Fischer epitomize this mantra. There is a certain sincerity of sound that comes out of someone that is investing their life into their passion of music, with no back-up plan. When everyday, they have to be their own financer, driver, loader, guitar tech...and Jones & Fischer genuinely have it. You can hear it in every performance, come and listen for yourself!

Darin Jones

Darin's guitar playing is the anchor of the bands sound, and unlike most you’ll see or hear today. There are echo’s of 70’s southern rock soul, 80’s souring lead melody, 90’s spank-twang country chicken’ pickin’. This makes him stand out in a saturated industry of guitar players. His 'in-your-face' tone not only grabs your attention, but demands it. His bellowing full voice with fast natural vibrato pairs nicely with Fischer's. As duel lead singer, he adds a rich dynamic to the band.

Caleb Fischer

Caleb is a classically trained musician who spent early years in school bands honing the fundamentals of music, studying several instruments including trombone, piano, and guitar. Before deciding to pursue country music, Caleb served in the US Navy. His rhythm guitar kicks off several of the bands songs and his soulful vocals give just the right amount of twang to make him stand out amongst the country crowd while giving a contrasting, but complimenting tone to Jones’.

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