New Sponsors

This last year we've been networking a lot, and working with different companies and venues. We've recently been upgrading our equipment as well, and picked up a couple of endorsements we are really excited to use and promote.  

Red Dirt Cases 
If you've ever been a musician or have played a few shows, one thing you learn really fast is that load in and load out is what you really get paid for. Every gig is different as far as load in's go; however, having the right equipment to make every show as efficient as possible goes a long way. Also, it looks really professional. Red Dirt Cases is located in Stephenville, Texas where they do top notch work with excellent results. 

64  Audio
Since the beginning or our music adventure, we've been really bigs fan of low stage volume. This takes away all the noise musicians need to hear on stage and puts it directly in our ears so the only thing the audience hears is what they need to hear. 64 Audio has provided us with high quality In Ear Monitors that give out clean and articulate sounds. They are located in Vancouver, WA.

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