Hello Bride & Groom!  

Congratulations on your engagement! We are so excited for you, and that you are thinking about having Jones & Fischer as your wedding band. As we're sure you already know, you have a lot of decisions to make leading up to the big day, and the music you have is one of the biggest! Allow us to help you make that big 'check' off your list, and explain what we are going to do for you!

Are you thinking about hiring a DJ? Can't decide if you want JUST country, or more top 40 as well? Look no further, we've got you covered! Jones & Fischer is a unique 4-in-1 band, let us explain:

1. Live Music: We have been fortunate to be voted the #1 country/rock band in Washington state for 2014 & 2015, and take great pride in bringing you the best possible live music experience available. We have a 400+ song catalog of ALL the best dancing/party cover songs from the 60's to today in not only country, but top 40, pop, reggae, blues, bluegrass, etc, and are always learning new ones. We have played over 180 weddings and know how to appeal to all of your guests, no matter what age or musical preference. We travel nationally, and have performed at wedding locations of all kinds from: high end conference centers, grand ballrooms, yachts, cabins, wineries, porches, tents, flatbed trucks, and backyards...as long as we're able to fit, we're able to play! J & F can either be booked for just your reception, or the whole day(ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner).

We have up to a 6 piece band that includes: Saxophone, Fiddle/Violin, Piano, Electric guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, and Drums. This really allows us to cover a lot of musical ground! We can play live ceremony music of virtually any kind from instrumental/acoustic versions of songs like: '1000 Years' by Christina Perri or 'All Of Me' John Legend, to classical versions of 'Cannon in D' or even 'Thunderstuck' by ACDC! Want an acoustic/piano instrumental of your favorite song as you walk down the isle? No problem! Want the band to play your special song for the first dances? Yes! We can switch musical gears and go from being classy background music to the rowdy drinking kind real quick! 

2. Sound System: We prefer to use our own sound system, its a 11,000 watt concert quality digital system that we control from our iPad wirelessly. Our system is extremely versatile with how big and load, or soft and quiet you want us to be. Our system can play everything from an outdoor amphitheater setting, to a small event room at a winery or home, so don't worry about us being too load or quiet! We also make this system available to you for WHOLE day, if you'd like!

Often at ceremonies, guests can't hear your officiant or your vows being exchanged. We'll hook up our sound system for your ceremony, and mic your officiant so that everyone from the first row to the last can year every word! We'll also have the sound system available to you for anytime you need whether its for the groomsmen/bridesmaid's speeches, father, wedding planner, etc.

3. DJ Service: We have over 2000 songs that are most requested at weddings, and can DJ for anytime of the day that you want. We can DJ your special songs for the processional/recessionals, cocktail hour, dinner, garter toss, breaks. We have everything from 'Wobble Baby' , 'Cha Cha Slide' to Frank Sinatra and Bruno Mars. We are constantly updating our song list of the newer songs. We even have playlists set up depending on if your having a traditional classy weddings, or a laid back backyard party. Our system is compatible with just about any phone or tablet, so if you have specific requests or want us to play your playlists, we can!  

4. EmCee Service: We are experienced public speakers. If you need us to take over and make sure everyone knows when its cake time for first dances, speeches,  cutting time, garter toss, dinner table release, last call, etc...we can do it!

As you can now see, we're going to do just about anything you want and need. Its your special day and we are experts in making it the most memorable it can be for your and your guests! If you have any questions that haven't been answered above, please feel free to call or email us so we can clarify!


Jones & Fischer                                                                                                                                                                  info@jonesandfischer.com                                                                                                      

Watch our Music Videos and Live Videos: CLICK HERE!

Available Services

Jones & Fischer specializes in providing the following services during your wedding: 

  • Full Digital P.A. Sound System (Available for your Ceremony, Speeches, DJ Service, etc.)
  • ​​Processional & Recessional Music
  • ​Live Band: Cocktail Hour, Dinner & Wedding Reception
  • MC For Announcements
  • Various Sized Stages
  • ​Light/Haze System (Great for Dance/Party Vibe)​